Succession Planning

Make sure that your business continues to thrive even after your death with intelligent succession planning. Horwitz & Damicone can help you plan for the future by showing you techniques that can either transition the business to your key people or heirs, or even show you how you can continue to benefit from the company without working as many hours.

Succession Planning is vital to the success of your mission and when done properly by one of our attorneys will help you implement an effective process that enables you to recognize, develop and retain your company’s talent.

Horwitz & Damicone offers the following Succession Planning Services

  • Identification of Options for Incenting Employees
  • Strategies for Transfers to Next Generation
  • Assistance in Identifying Financing Opportunities to Implement Exit Strategies
  • Tax Advantaged Ideas to Maximize Cash Flow
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Buy/Sell Counseling

Make sure that all you’ve worked hard to create will continue to grow; in the event you are no longer able to lead your team. We can help you implement a sensible succession plan that works in accordance with your wishes.

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